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Cade Is Coming

June 20, 2024

Cade is coming!

The end of the dynasty has finally arrived and Cade Donovan plans to go out with a bang!

The Donovans have been steadily building to this point and now Cade with his smoldering eyes and carefully banked temper, will close out this segment of this beloved family’s series by falling for his friend and demolishing every enemy that crosses their path to keep her.   

Start the Donovan Dynasty series with Dane, or, if you’re all caught up, preorder Cade and get ready for the heart-stopping finale.

Get ready for your next listen!

June 17, 2024

Get ready to listen to the drama, the sexy times and all the action that comes with Suri & Pierce’s love story.

Winston James and Mari continue to create magic by narrating this sexy and suspenseful story. Listen to Suri in audio today! 

Need to get started with the Donovan Dynasty series? It all begins with Dane.

It’s Re-Release Day!

May 20, 2024

The story of the accountant and the mechanic is a sweet and sexy one, with an unexpected soft enemies-to-lovers vibe. Take the ride with Nash & Mica as they continue a legacy and set the stage for not only more stories for the Ryders, but also, introduce a character who will venture into the lives of another Arthurland family in an impactful way, all while finding a love connection they never dreamed was possible.

Come Ride With Me, the first in a new series, is ready for a test drive!