New to AC?

AC has written a whole lot of books! Her stories are edgy, sexy, and suspenseful. They span many genres, from contemporary and paranormal romance to futuristic and erotic thrillers. Are you new to her work and wondering where to start? Or maybe you’ve read her before but want a specific genre for your next read? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

In the mood for something heartwarming and romantic?

Then, books under my pen name, Lacey Baker, are just for you! Enjoy stories that are reminiscent of a Hallmark movie, set in small towns or big cities, celebrating holidays or simple seasonal fun. Get started with the Sweetland series, book#1, Homecoming.

Want a dash of erotic and a ton of romance?

The Fabulous Golds are just for you! Set in the lavish world of high fashion, these four books cover favored romance tropes such as: enemies to lovers, fake engagement, friends to lovers and second chance romance. A Private Affair starts the series.

The Game Changers also delivers on this enticing combo with a small town setting. Get started with Play to Win.

Are lions, tigers and jaguars your thing? What about dragons?

Enter the dark and sultry world of the Shadow Shifters. With a powerful cast of feline shapeshifters these stories will satisfy your love of action and passion in a world where humans are protected by the very beasts they fear. Temptation Rising will get you started with these epic reads.

The afrofuturistic world of the Legion introduces the Drakon, a species of shapeshifting dragons. With fantasy creatures, dark powers and the steamiest love scenes, this series delivers a punch of supernatural with the lure of romance. Get started with Awaken the Dragon.

Do you like a thrill with your sexy times?

The Carrington Chronicles are erotic thrillers that embody loyalty, strength, resilience and of course, murder. Wanting You starts this passionate and exhilarating trilogy.

Looking for some sexy family drama?

The Donovans will take you there! With stories that are sexy, angsty and sometimes suspenseful, all the feels and an HEA are guaranteed. Love Me Like No Other will introduce you to this dynamic family.