Shadow Shifters Series

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About the Shadow Shifters Series

by AC Arthur

Enter their world. Keep their secret. Stories of feline shapeshifters battling the humans that fear them, while protecting the same humans from extinction are presented in a series of trilogies.

Temptation Rising, Seduction’s Shift and Passion’s Prey cover the Awakening of the Shadow Shifters who’ve walked the earth in secret. In an effort to recruit young shifters to join in their fight against the growing threat of the Rogue shifters, the Shadow Shifters: Damaged Hearts trilogy showcases college-aged shifters navigating college, an introduction to adulthood, and learning to become a powerful shifter. Shifter’s Claim, Hunger’s Mate and Primal Heat introduce the Unveiling trilogy that sees the shapeshifters revealed to the human world. These are all stories of passion, action and revelation and can be enjoyed as standalones, but may be better experienced in order.

The timeline of the Shadow Shifters follows with the Shadow Shifters Rebellion.