Who is Lacey Baker?

Lacey Baker, a Maryland native, is a wife, mother, Nana and an author. Family cookouts, reunion vacations and growing up in church have all encouraged Lacey to write heartwarming and inspirational stories about the endurance of family and finding love. She is the author of the Sweetland series and Hallmark Channel Original Movies: A Gingerbread Romance and Christmas In Evergreen: Bells Are Ringing. While Lacey’s books may touch on a couple’s physical relationship, that’s not a focal point in their journey to love and those scenes are not explicit.

Books by Lacey Baker

You’re invited to spend some time in Sweetland, Lacey’s fictional small coastal town located on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. With its gorgeous sunsets on the Chesapeake Bay, picturesque landscape, and thriving businesses nestled along narrow streets, the good citizens of Sweetland live in almost blissful harmony. Always willing to lend a hand or to welcome newcomers, the residents of Sweetland love their town, fresh local seafood and a smidgen of good gossip.

The first three books in the Sweetland series introduce the Cantrell family and the chocolate Labrador retrievers that the six siblings inherited from their grandmother. Homecoming, Just Like Heaven and Summer’s Moon are the perfect introduction to this quirky little town and all the mysterious goings on amidst them.

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Lacey Baker’s Reader’s Room

Step into the room where all the magic of Lacey Baker’s heartwarming stories are created. Lacey will share details of what inspires her to write such romantic stories, snippets of her writing process, and sneak peeks into what she’s currently working on. She’ll also share her love of romantic movies with watch parties and group discussions.
Enter the reader’s room…

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