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February 21, 2023

Q:  What do you get when you mix a cynical travel blogger, a barbeque expert, a Merle Great Dane puppy and hot cinnamon buns together?

A:  A slow burn love affair on the lovely Crescent Island!

Take a trip to Lacey Baker’s island off the coast of Maryland’s Eastern Shore and fall in love with Parker BBQ’s succulent meals and Ms. Annabelle’s famous cinnamon buns. Allie Sparks isn’t buying any of that great marketing copy, instead she’s ready to debunk the tales of a matchmaker on the quaint little island. What she ends up finding is her best friend’s brother, Ryan Parker and his rambunctious puppy, Optimus. And the matchmaking begins!

Read the excerpt for a peek into island life, then prepare to take your trip to the island for Her Unexpected Match.

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