It’s Release Day!

March 14, 2022

At last Myles Donovan & Gemma Taylor get their happy ever after!

A.C.’s newest release, One Perfect Night, is here! Myles and Gemma’s love has been a long time coming as the couple navigated the murky waters of a long distance relationship. But when, what seemed like a random act of vandalism, brings them back to her hometown of Temptation, they learn that living a part is no longer an option. This sexy small town story brings together two of A.C.’s most influential family series–The Donovans and The Taylors.

Today is a fantastic day to get caught up with the Temptation series, by reading an excerpt of One Perfect Night or downloading the book. Or if you need an intro to the Taylor family, check out One Mistletoe Wish. The Donovans series kicks off with Love Me Like No Other.

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