Next In Line

July 10, 2023

Things just went from bad to worse and Suri Donovan’s gift with numbers may not be enough to save her family from financial and physical ruin. Though it pains her to admit it, this time—and this time only—she may need Pierce. The agent she’d resisted for years, the messy emotions she knew would come with his touch and the soul-searing hunger that just might complete her.

AC continues her Donovan Dynasty series with this thrilling and delectably hot love story featuring Suri Donovan and the Interpol Agent she’s determined not to love. Take a trip to London and spend some time with the illustrious Donovan family for another chapter in their saga.

Haven’t met the Donovans yet? Go all the way back to the beginning with Love Me Like No Other, or jump right in to the suspense with Dane. And don’t forget to preorder your copy of Suri.

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